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Rose Face Elixir Face Serum

Rose Face Elixir Face Serum

Price Rs.1,330.00

The most effective and powerful herbal hair formula

Our Most Famous Serum. Enriched with natural rose extracts. Rose elixir face serum rejuvenates skin to make it dewy, bright and glow. It also benefits to:

Trulli Eliminate dark spots
Trulli Eliminate aging lines and wrinkles
Trulli Makes skin clear
Limited only
6 days, 24:00:00

Is this 100% Herbal?

Yes, it’s made of rich and premium herbal ingredients

Is this 100% Herbal?

- Makes skin Young & radiant
- Enhances fairness
- Removes marks & pimples
- Eliminates Dark-spots and evens out discoloration

When can I see difference?

You’ll see visible difference in 2 to 3 weeks. Use twice a week all year to keep your face young, vibrant and bright


Argania, cucubita pepo, Rosa moschata, Rosa gallica,Melaleuca alternifolia, Citrus Limon and Vitus vinifera

Directions for use

Wash your face with clean water, dry the face with a tissue. Take two drops and spill equally on forehead and both cheeks, gently massage over the face in circular motion and leave it to get absorbed. If you have dry skin, apply a moisturizer after 1 hour. Apply thrice a week for beautiful and radiant face. Apply only at night.


1. Protect serum from eyes , if serum touches the eye ball, wash rigorously with water, if pain persists, contact an eye doctor  
2. Keep out of reach of children 
3. Store in a cool dry place