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Hyper Growth Herbal Hair Oil

Hyper Growth Herbal Hair Oil

Price Rs.1,460.00

The most effective and powerful herbal hair formula

Trulli Repairs hair damaged due to rebonding / Hair dye
Trulli Super-fast Hair growth
Trulli Controls Extreme hair fall
Trulli Controls Frizzy hair to make them straighter
Trulli Eliminates Dryness
Trulli Reduces intense Dandruff
Limited only
6 days, 24:00:00
Why normal oils won’t control your hair fall 
They are made of common oils, your super damaged hair need expensive and rare herbal oils to repair your super damaged hair 

Why You Need a Mask

Control FRIZZ

Stop extreme hairfall in 30 days

How is Hyper growth most powerful hair fall control formula ?

Hand-made with Argania, Tea Tree, Lemon extracts and powerful Lavandula

12 applications in 4 weeks will control your hair fall by 50%

Make your hair stronger and beautiful in 30 days

What customers say

''Hyper Growth has controlled my hair fall and help me keep my hair beautiful and strong''

Abeer Qureshi


''The results of this product is Amazing!''

Amna Khalid

Doctor / Influencer

''One word, Miracle oil!''

Laiba Khan



Argania, Citrus limonum, Allium cepa, Melaleuca alternifolia, Cocos nucifera, Trigonella foenum-graecum and Lavandula

Directions for use

Apply on skin first to test allergies.Apply with finger tips on roots/scalp . Take hair and apply on from top till the ends. Oil and message ends separately. Keep oil applied for atleast 8 hours at a time. Wash with a herbal shampoo, avoid using warm water for the wash. After the wash, comb hairs gently for for a few minutes. Apply thrice a week till you have perfect hairs. Use continously for up to 8 weeks for best results


1. Protect eyes from the product
2. Keep out of reach of children
3. Store in a cool dry place

*30 Days is on a 12-time application for 8 hours each and thrice a week, consistently for 4 weeks.