Rose Face Elixir Face Serum

Rejuvenates skin to make it dewy and glowful. Eliminates dark spots to make skin clear. Eliminates aging lines and wrinkles. Made of rich and premium herbal ingredients, this is your one-step solution to young and beautiful facial skin, Makes face:
– Young & radiant
– Enhances fairness
– Removes marks & pimples
– Eliminates Dark-spots and discoloration


Argania, cucubita pepo, Rosa moschata, Rosa gallica,Melaleuca alternifolia, Citrus Limon and Vitus vinifera


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Directions for use

Wash your face with clean water, dry the face with a tissue.

Take two drops and spill equally on forehead and both cheeks,

gently massage over the face in circular motion and leave it to get absorbed.

If you have dry skin, apply a moisturizer after 1 hour.

Apply thrice a week for beautiful and radiant face.

Apply only at night


1. Protect serum from eyes ,

if serum touches the eye ball,

wash rigorously with water,

if pain persists, contact an eye doctor

2. Keep out of reach of children

3. Store in a cool dry place

5 reviews for Rose Face Elixir Face Serum

  1. Aleyna Nasir

    I was skeptical at first instance due to oil base, but this gets absorbed in no time. Honest and effective product

  2. Fouzia Ali Shah

    Absorbs quickly and makes skin clearer and bright and is priced well

  3. Rajput Shahzad


  4. Nimra Masood

    My skin was uneven and dull. I just used a drop of this Rose elixir every night before sleeping…I’m amazed with the radiant and clean skin. Plus this smells heaven

  5. Aima Khan

    This serum made by skin glow, clear and bright. Rs.1000 me its a catch

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What is the benefit of Rose elixir face serum?
It makes skin clear and bright. Brings in the Radiance and makes skin fair.
How much time does it take to show results
It takes 2 weeks to cleanse and nourish your skin.
For how long this bottle can be used ?
This bottle can take up to 3 months to be consumed
Is this oil 100% herbal ?
Yes, its made of rare and expensive oils and herbs which makes it super absorbant.
Is this for oily skin or does this make skin oily ?
Yes, this is for all skin types, you just have to follow instructions, take only 2 drops of serum and massage gently all over the face. The oil is super absorbant and get abosrbed within no time, with no oil residue.