Miracle growth Anti baldness Drops

Powerful Miracle herbal drops for:

– Bald-patches and overall baldness
– Intense hair growth
– Intense hair repair oil (stops hair-fall)


Lavandula,, Melaleuca alternifolia, Trigonella foenum-graecum Allium cepa and Eruca Sativa.


Product Details

Directions for use

Apply on skin first to test allergies.Apply a few drops on roots and scalp area with less hair with finger tips. Keep oil applied for atleast 8 hours at a time. Wash with a herbal shampoo. Continue using for 8 weeks or more. Apply thrice a week

16 reviews for Miracle growth Anti baldness Drops

  1. Musaddiq

    Amazing Product ! Gotta say the customer service is soo good and the product too. I loved it so much that I am a regular customer now

  2. Aamir


  3. Farhat

    It’s really good. My hair fall has reduced to one third after a couple of applications.

  4. Hina pervaiz

    I need one

  5. Jawad Ahmed

    Used hair oil however waiting for results

  6. Mahrukh Waseem

    Effective for my front emptiness . I’ve got baby hair growth in those areas

  7. Asma

    This is very effective oil. seeing results in 4 weeks. I can see baby hairs growing on my front empty patch. This is really a miracle product. Please keep up the quality and never stop making this product, this can help many people with baldness and hair loss problem.
    I’m ordering my second bottle now. Thanks

  8. Aiman Butt

    I had an awkward front empty patch on the forehead, it was the only thing that lacked in my looks and this was something that brought tears into my eyes, I used onion oil and onion water for 3 weeks (its the most famous home remedy about this issue in our Pakistani homes) but I didn’t see any good. After that I saw advertisement for this product. Within 2 weeks the patch started filling, and now on a 4 week timeline, it is filled and issue is resolved.

  9. Samra Yousufzai

    Removed By bald patches at the back. I was so damn damn worried FINALLY Relieved. Allah bless this brand

  10. Junaid Butt

    Brother had front baldness. Now after 3 weeks he has baby hair growing, he had been very depressed due to his baldness. Want to personally thank Ammi jaans

  11. Anzala

    I’m ordering now

  12. Shanza

    Can be applied to make hair longer?

    • admin

      Yes of course this is the fastest whenn it comes to growth

  13. Huze

    Can we apply it on all hairs i mean the area which is not bald

    • admin

      Yes, it helps keeping your hair strong and shiny.

  14. Mudassir Khan

    Helps in reviving follicles. Truth be told, this is really miraculous

  15. saliha

    will it work on a old bald patch? my sister suffered from alopacia many years ago n lost her hair..some of hair reappeared by using medicines but there are still few patches.. will it grow the hair on those patches as well?

    • admin

      definitely this ia for alopecia or Bald patches and baldness in simpler words

  16. Samar Khan

    Ordered for my brother when he came from Canada. Miraculously his hair appeared after 4 weeks of use on the crown area on the head. Contacted Ammi jaan for more, My brother was astounded, he went to numerous dermatologists prior to this but in vain.

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Does this solve Alopecia, Bald-patches and baldness issues ?
Yes, this is effective for alopecia, bald patches and baldness.
I have bald patches on my crown area and on sides can it be resolved ?
Yes, you need to apply oil on the effected bald area.
My follicles are dead ?
Then there is a narrow chance that these drops will help you.
Is this harmful ?
No, this is 100% herbal without any chemical additives, you need to focus on directions and be worry-free.
How to use this product ?
You will need to apply 15 drops thrice a week on bald patches and scalp and let it be applied for minimum 8 hours, you can use it any time of the day. Use it thrice a week