Hyper Growth Herbal Hair Oil

The most effective and powerful herbal formula for:

-hair damaged due to rebonding/Hair dye
-Rapid hair growth
-Intense hair repair oil (stops hair-fall)
-reduces frizziness to make hair straightener
-Elimination of dryness and dandruff


Argania, Citrus limonum, Allium cepa, Melaleuca alternifolia, Cocos nucifera, Trigonella foenum-graecum and Lavandula


Product Details

Directions for use

Apply on skin first to test allergies.Apply with finger tips on roots/scalp . Take hair and apply on from top till the ends. Oil and message ends separately. Keep oil applied for atleast 8 hours at a time. Wash with a herbal shampoo, avoid using warm water for the wash. After the wash, comb hairs gently for for a few minutes. Apply thrice a week till you have perfect hairs. Use continously for up to 8 weeks for best results


1. Protect eyes from the product

2. Keep out of reach of children 3. Store in a cool dry place

19 reviews for Hyper Growth Herbal Hair Oil

  1. Sayeda Abraria mubarak baghdadi

    کیا اس سے نیو ھیئر بھی آئنگے؟؟

  2. umer shahzad


  3. Dr kashif

    The product is awesome but the dealing is not good,, i ordered 2 bottles and some other products for hair, but i received 1 bottle of hypergrowth herbel oil, and i contacted several time through the cell number from which they confirmed my order. I m tired of contacting one another but all in vain. Plzzz check all the data and plzz send me hypergrowth herbel hair oil,, if u want the text messages and call history i will send it to u.

  4. S. Ali

    The Hyper Growth Hair Oil has stopped hair loss, and made my hair stronger, healthier and more manageable. I have used this product for the last three months, and have recommended it highly to friends and family too.

  5. Ayub Tariq

    Good product

  6. Arsalan Khan

    Nice product

  7. Aliza Muhammad

    Love this product

  8. Anzala

    Waiting to start using it can this oil make my hair long n healthy n if yes then in how much time?

    • admin

      Definitely this is for rapid hair growth and control intense hair fall.

  9. Uzma farheen

    Nice products

  10. Rayyan khalid

    Can we apply it on beard as well?

  11. Shahrukh

    How i can get it in united arab emirates i want this here

  12. Remy

    I haven’t used this oil waiting to use it

  13. Ayeesha

    I use alot of hair straighteners to get ready for weddings and events …my hair over the period of time became dry and lost their shine. I came across this oil, ordered and used it for around 2 weeks, it was amazing, shine is back, no dryness, they are smooth and bouncy now 🙂 Love for Ami Jaan?s oil

  14. Nida

    Need this

    • admin

      Please add to cart and order . Thanks

  15. Kiran Ahmed

    Although the oil is really thick, and i’m lazy to apply it regularly, it made my hair shiny and glossy…thank you Ami Jaan’s concoction

  16. Maya Bhatti

    Fascinating, im a bit impatient but this oil definitely is a winner, it makes your hair stand out and lively �

  17. Khaula Shahzad

    I ‘ve used lots of oils and home remedies for my hair but never get any results now I started using this oil and I’m so happy with my hair now my hair looks beautiful Alhamdulillah I strongly recommend this oil.. it’s amazing

  18. Sapna

    I haven’t used that oil yet..
    Whn I’ll use thn I ll rating the product….

  19. Furqan

    nice product

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Does this Herbal Oil solve intense hair fall issue ?
Yes, This has powerful herbs, minerals and pure oils that control hair fall
In how much time will this oil control my hair fall ?
If you have severe hair fall, it can be controlled in 4 to 5 weeks, if it is on extreme side, then it may take upto 8 weeks
For how long this bottle can be used ?
This is for one month use. You will have to use thrice a week and finish this bottle in 4 weeks to get best results
What Benefits does this oil have ?
This herbal miracle oil is for controlling severe hairfall, resolving extreme dryness and roughness issues, rapidly grows hair and controls Split ends as well.
How to Apply this oil ?
Use 3 to 4 times a week. Apply on roots and scalp both and massage with finger tips and then apply on hairs.Let it be overnight, wash the other day with room temp water and for frizzyness, comb gently from top to bottom for 5 mins after every wash when they're slightly wet. For split ends trim the ends once and then apply oil separately by holding them and oiling them with finger tips