Furry Eyebrows miracle serum

Get beautiful and dense eyebrows to shape them to your favourite looks.

This serum makes eyebrows :
-Thick and dark
-Strong and soft


Ovum oleum, Stibium, Nigella sativa and Brassica Juncea


Product Details

Directions for use

• Apply 1 drops of oil on each eyebrow and spread across
• Wash off the oil in the morning with water
• Use thrice a week. You will see your eyebrows grow to become furry


• Protect oil from eyes, if oil touches the eye ball, wash rigorously with water, if pain persists, contact an eye doctor.
• Make sure your eyelashes are clean and completely free of makeup

4 reviews for Furry Eyebrows miracle serum

  1. Naheed Fatima

    Excellent service

  2. Mahwish Ejaz

    Most pocket friendly eyebrow serum and surprisingly most effective of what I’ve used among all brands. After this product I bought hyper oil for my mother, highly recommended

  3. Rehana

    How can I buy this product

    • admin

      You may simple select a product, add to cart and checkout. Order will be delivered to your doorstep 🙂

  4. Natasha Dalal

    I had a missing patch on my eyebrow. Took this serum around 6 to 7 weeks but worth the wait. Kudos to this brand, they have products which work and don’t waste our time and our money. Prayers for Ammi Jaan

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