Anti-lice Herbal shampoo

  • Eliminates Lice and nits to make affected hair clean.
  • Built-in Conditioning qualities makes it a 2-in-1 solution (shampoo+conditioner).
  • Suits all hair types


Water, sodium chloride, Raphanus sativus, Phyllanthus Emblica, Acacia concinna, Sapindus mukorossi, Sodium Laureth sulfate, perfume, Citrus Limon and Helianthus annuus


Product Details

Directions for use

Thoroughly wet your hair. Take shampoo and thoroughly massage on your hair and roots Rinse throughly. To reduce frizz comb from roots to bottom gently when hairs are slightly wet. Use thrice a week. Shake well before use. To Make more lather: pour shampoo on palm, apply on hair and massage vigoriously with our hand to make more lather..


1. Protect eyes from the product, if eye comes in contact and pain continues, consult an eye specialist.

2. Store in a cool dry place


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My kids have lice and nits in their hair, will this Anti-lice shampoo work ?
Anti-lice shampoo is designed to suit kids and adults both. Even kids as young as 2 years can use it .
What are the benefits of Anti-lice shampoo ?
Anti lice shampoo will eliminate lice and nits with a light herbal touch shampoo
Will this help me in hair growth?
Yes, this product will also help a little in hair growth
How to use Anti-lice Shampoo?
Anti-lice shampoo has to be applied on scalp and roots for 15 mins after massaging vigoriously, after that wash off and repeat. Use again on alternate days till lice and nits are eliminated.
Is this Shampoo harmful in any way for my hair ?
No, this is a herb-based magical concoction, it revives lifeless and odd hair to make them beautiful and strong.