Anti-aging Miracle Whitening cream

Makes your face look young, bright, lightens complexions and reduces wrinkles. Makes your face:
– Brightens and eliminates dullness
– Whitens
– Anti-aging
– Clears minor marks on face/skin, pimples, pigmentation
– Whitening for legs and hands as well


Melaleuca alternifolia, Aloe barbadensis,Apis mellifera, Cucumis sativus and glycerol


Product Details

Directions for use

Do patch testing on elbow skin prior to applying.

Take a pinch, tap on cheeks, forehead and chin. Massage gently all over the face in circular motions.

Apply only in the night.


Only apply on face after patch testing on skin.

Don’t apply more than half a pinch at time. Keep in a cool dry place.

2 reviews for Anti-aging Miracle Whitening cream

  1. Madeeha Gardezi

    Effective for skin tightening and whitening. Comes in a lovely glass jar.

  2. Munawara memon

    Has reduced my aging lines. I’d recommend

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