Anti-aging Miracle Body Whitening Cream

A miracle cream to make your hands and legs bright, lightens complexions and reduces wrinkles. Helps in whitening, eliminates dullness and Anti-age your body.

– Brightens and eliminates dullness
– Whitens
– Anti-aging


Melaleuca alternifolia, Aloe barbadensis,Apis mellifera, Cucumis sativus and glycerol


Product Details

Directions for use

Do patch testing on elbow skin prior to applying.

Take a pinch, tap on Hands and Legs and massage gently all over .

Apply only in the night.


Only apply on face after patch testing on skin.

Don’t apply more than half a pinch at time. Keep in a cool dry place.

3 reviews for Anti-aging Miracle Body Whitening Cream

  1. Sadia Shah

    This shows a considerable difference after 15 days. Really happening…

  2. Sumaiya Bukhari

    Using on my hands, legs and underarms. Has whitened them. I will advise others for this cream

  3. Rozina Masroor

    This is also good for body and Face both. The jar also has good quantity compared ro orher brands

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