Anti-aging face glow Toner

With its anti-ageing properties this toner makes your skin years younger. Making you look younger than ever before.
– Continuous use makes facial skin ageing very slow
– Makes skin young and fresh
– Softens skin


Aqua Rosae, Rosa moschata, Boswellia carter, Melaleuca alternifolia and Senna alexandria


Product Details

Directions for use

Spray 5-6 pumps all over your face with your eyes closed.

After 10 seconds, use a cotton ball to massage gently in circular motions all over the face.

Use twice daily to have a beautiful, bright and soft skin.


1. Protect toner from eyes , if toner touches the eye ball,

wash rigorously with water, if pain persists,

contact an eye doctor

2. Keep out of reach of children

3. Store in a cool dry place

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Does Anti-aging toner helps in reducing aging fine lines ?
Yes, This is a very effective remedy for making skin firm and reducing aging lines to make you feel young.
What other benefits does this have ?
It controls excess acne and removes white-heads and makes skin clear and bright
For how long this bottle can be used ?
This is for one month use with two times use in 24 hours and 10 pumps in a day.
Is this herbal ?
Absolutely, no chemical additives or preservatives in this mist.
How to apply Anti-aging toner ?
Spray 5 pumps on the face particularly T-zone in and around the nose, let it absorb and massage with dry cotton ball after 5 mins. Use once in the morning and once in the evening.