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Our Story

Our Story

Ammi Jaan has always been old school and love to live life in traditional way. Even after living in US, she has managed to keep all her traditional lifestyle intact. Oil hair once a week, use herbal shampoos, exfoliate facial skin and moisturize it consistently. From every day home chores to grooming, she has always preferred ad managed the natural way.

I’ve also been brought up in the same way, We don’t do packaged dairy and grocery, we prefer fresh and pure over preservative-infested frozen and packaged grocery. I’ve seen my mother do champi to me ever since I was three years old. Eventually, after all these years, when I grew up, I still wanted the chunk of modern grooming like hair rebonding and dyeing, but since our hair were stronger than ever due to natural herbal concoctions that Ammi made, it was never troublesome for me. I wasn’t worried about post-rebonding hair fall or hair getting damaged after hair dyeing, I had signature herbal hair oil and hyper growth hair oil to control hair fall, look after frizzy hair, manage split ends and infuse rapid hair growth.

On the skin, We’ve always been Ubtan and Yogurt women, but it as essential oils and herbs like hibiscus became available, we opted for serums. These serums have enabled us to remain young, vibrant and have care-free skin regime throughout all these years.

Ammi Jaan’s herbals is an attempt to spread the message of nature, the message of purity and herbal miracles.



Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple, in order to get Nature’s blessings, you need to obtain them naturally and with pure intent. Any deviation from nature’s process will not give results nor the blessings. Man-made new technological advances may fasten the process, but they hamper nature’s blessings and it’s effectiveness.

Ammi realizes this and this is of most importance for her. She has infested the same thought in us. That we will always prefer natural over synthetic, real over artificial, herbal over chemical and hand-made over machine-made.

A lot of our products require natural cold-pressing via old and traditional Kohlu cart, some products require slow heating via only natural sunlight, products also require natural sun-drying and roasting.

These naturals processes take days and sometimes weeks. Even though, the same processes can be completed in fraction of a time with flame, micro-wave processing and electronic heat press and machine-pressing, we have not and will not opt for these methods, simply because they are contradictory to our philosophy.



Our Ingredients

Carefully selected and extracted with old traditional ways. Ammi has always believed in sourcing right ingredients from right sources. They need to be of highest quality, natural and without any chemicals, synthetic additives or artificial mixtures.

Ammi has herself seen oil press extractions from day one to even today, when traditional Kohlu oil pressing cart is used to extract pure oil from herbs. We understand the language of nature, the first rule for it is, that things need to be in natural form and have to be extracted in the slow natural process rather than with the help of modern machinery.

The efficacy of the ingredients is maintained only if artificial and fast-extraction practices are ignored and slow natural processes are followed. Ammi is a strong believer of natural and herbal ways of living.